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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the race date and time?
2021 - TBD
Start time for the Half Marathon and 12K is at 7:30am.

Start time for the 5K is at 7:45am.


How much is the entry fee?
5K Run/Walk Adult participants:

  • $30 til 10/31

  • $35 onsite


5K Run/Walk Youth participants:

  • $25 til 10/31

  • $30 onsite


12K Run/Walk Adult participants:

  • $55 til 5/31

  • $65 til 10/31

  • $75 onsite


12K Run/Walk Youth participants:

  • $40 til 5/31

  • $50 til 10/31

  • $60 onsite


Half Marathon Adult participants

  • $65 til 5/31

  • $75 til 10/31

  • $85 onsite


Half Marathon Youth participants

  • $50 til 5/31

  • $60 til 10/31

  • $70 onsite

12K Run/Walk Adult participants: $55 til 5/31$65 til 11/11/15$75 onsite
Runners that register by October 1st will receive personalized bibs and can select a long sleeve cotton shirt or a short sleeve ladies or men's tech shirt.

There will be race day registration for the Half Marathon, 12K or the 5K race events at 6am at the Maritime Park - 725 Front Street.


Can I register online?
Online registration is available on


Is there a walking event for this race?
Both runners and walkers will be allowed to participate in the 5K and 12K events.
The Half Marathon is for running participants only. There is a 3 1/2 hour time limit to complete the course.


How many water aid stations will there be?
There will be water, sports drink, and food available at the start/finish line.
The 5K race will have two on-course water aid stations at approximately 1.5 mile and 2.5 miles.
There will be 8 aid stations along the Half Marathon course including one station where GU Energy packets will be distributed to runners.


Will the 5K race course include any bridges?
Unfortunately due to race course logistics, the 5K race will not cross any of the US Highway 17 bridges. The 5K course includes a start and finish on Front Street, plenty of views of Winyah Bay along East Bay park and the exceptional experience of running through the tree-lined canopy of Georgetown’s Historic District.


Will the 12K race course include any bridges?
The 12K course will cross the Black and Waccamaw Bridges. The course will continue through historic Georgetown and conclude on Front Street at Francis Marion Park.


How can I help this great cause and volunteer for the event?
There will be plenty of volunteer opportunities for this community event. Please contact
Charlie Ball for more details or submit your name and contact information on the Volunteer page.  


Can I wear headphones while I participate in the race?
Headphones are allowed at the Historic Georgetown Bridge2Bridge Half Marathon, 12K and 5K race. However, remember to be conscious of your bearings at all times and be cognizant of other runners, law enforcement officials and race volunteers throughout the race.


What is your refund policy?

(From our Waiver when you register online)

"No Refunds for any reason including in the Event of Inclement Weather.
I acknowledge that the Bridge2Bridge Run is to be run on _____, 2021. In the event that inclement weather conditions should require cancellation of the race before it is to start or early termination after it has started because of safety concerns, I understand that the race WILL NOT be rescheduled. I also understand and agree that my entry fee WILL NOT be refunded."



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